Had to hit 'em with the freemixes. If you bought this at a store then you lost your money. You shouldn't be paying for this, you should log onto Chamillionaire.com and you don't have to worry about some store charging you for a CD that I gave away for free. And now that's out the way, I just leaked the first half of my freemixes CD but there's a second half. The second half I'm a let you decide what songs I rap on. Now I tell you what, I want you to email me at Chamillion@Chamillionaire.com and if you send me a track that I rap on for the next freemixes CD that I'm about to leak then I got something for you. But only if it's the email that you sent me so send me some fire. Your best bet is not to tell nobody else cause the more people you tell, the more competition for you. If you ain't no fan then I ain't talking to you. This for the trill chamillitary ca-maniacs. Know what I'm talking about? Not for none of you lames. Oh yeah and don't ask me what I'm a give you, just know you will be rewarded. You got one week, hold up. Boss.

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