Logging to AllHipHop right now, and uh
What is this, Chamillionaire?
Not him again...
Ahh, can't stand him

He's probably name-dropping artists cause he knows his album bout to drop
You know he's gonna start trying to diss because he knows he's gonna flop
F Chamillionaire, Tha Carter album's what I'm tryna cop
Chamillionaire thinks he's too smart, and plus I think he sings a lot
See, he is not nowhere as good as they say he is, I hate that kid
And if he is, how come his last one didn't do as much as this
Anyways, you gotta act hard to make it in this music biz
And only people who like him is just little white suburban kids
Cause he ain't in the streets, he ain't cooking soft, or selling bricks
He can't handle beef, he don't know what a two time felon is
All he talk about is chips, he gotta make a song that's for the chicks
That track with Slick, does he think that I could bust a move to this?
HAHA LOL, I swear that boy will never sell
And I just hope he goes to jail, get beat up, stabbed and goes to hell
I know he will, I know he will, cause he don't ever show me skill
I hope they drop him from his deal, that baller rap is overkill
He don't rap the way he used to rap, he rappin bout some stupid crap
He be rappin without saying ish and I'm not really used to that
He to rap bout sippin syrup, he don't rap that Houston rap
If I ever saw him in person, he'd be the rapper that I refuse to dap
Anyway, I hear a rumor; he ain't beefin, what a lame
He didn't even diss 50 back when 50 Cent called out his name
I asked some girls about him and they told me that they felt the same
So many stans on the internet on his dick and it's an f'ing shame
I'm logging on to Hip-Hop DX, like who the heck created this?
Chamillionaire? -1 is what I'm gon' be rating this
He's not the best, I hate this kid, he couldn't even make my list
If anyone says that this is dope, I swear I'll probably take my fist
And punch a hole in this computer, tell the fans to get it straight
Cause last time he dropped a hit was 199-never-8
That's the reason why I hate on everyone that says he's great
And plus he sounds so monotone, his style doesn't ever elevate
I logged on SOHH just to investigate
I see he tryna drop a mixtape August 27th, wait
Does he think I'ma purchase this? I'd never ever get his tape
Anyways, everytime he does the CD comes out hella late
And plus The Game is dropping then, he should have picked a better date
And Texas, they fell off the map, he should be reppin a better state
RZA, GZA, Little Brother, and The Cool Kids way better than him
And he's not even the best from Texas, he's not even better than Slim
I logged on his MySpace page, his song didn't have that many plays
Cause I know that noone cares bout anything he has to say

(Time for supper)
Huh, what?
(What are you doing in there?)
Hey, come on mom
(Are you jacking off again?)
Close the door, get out the way
(Stop it, come eat your broccoli!)
No! Get out my face please, can't you see I'm on the net
(I told you, stay off of those porno sites)
Geez, I'll be out there in a minute, you just need to let me breathe
(And it's time to take your medication)
Stop it mom, leave!
(Come on!)
Leave mom, leave!
(Stop it boy, I pay the bills in this house)

I hate my life, I hate my life, I hate that this life ain't my life
I'm only 17, and all I do is sit all day and type
I can't believe that Jennifer had the nerve to say I ain't her type
I hate the smell of broccoli, my mom can't even make it right
I give my opinion on blog sites, opinion hate, and say who's nice
Cause I'm too broke to buy CDs, I download them and play them twice
I hate my dad, he disappeared and didn't ever say good night
I hate my parents, hate the world, I'll make sure they all pay the price
I wonder what the world would say if they could watch me take my life
I wonder what the world would say if they could watch me take my *shot*

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