I tried to call up god and complain?
Then he said "why ya calling my name"
It's just pain, pain. it's just pain, pain.
It's just pain, and it's apart of the game

I tried to call up god's name
Then he said "all ya do is complain"
It's just pain, pain. it's just pain, pain.
It's just pain, and it's apart of the game

The industry is a robber
My mental be really bothered
Not talking to any callers
Escape the clutches of pover-ty
I'm close to my mama
Ain't really close to my father
The more i became a baller
The more i seen him get farther
Cuz i don't trust you enough to let you inside of my mind
And even if i let you in
Couldn't handle what you would find
I done been through serious times
And don't care if you think i'm lyin'
I was grown at the age of 9
Wanna get you out of a bind
I spent my savings to save you
Try to get you up out of jail
Had to sign that lil' paper promising that you wouldn't jump your bail
But then what you do
Jump your bail
They want you
And want me as well
Then the day it happened to me
Yea i hated it it was hell
And you had to know that i hate it
I hate it i'm irritated
It's loud and it's getting crowded
My space is getting invaded
No nachos but there were some vatos
Who said they don't speak no english
I'm telling them make some room
And he lookin' like what you meanin'
And ain't no such thing as team
When the general wanna take your spot
You the one that's on the bench watchin'
I'm the one that's takin' the shot
And i seen the hate on ya face
At the moment you seen it drop
Even people that's really close
Try to take ya down from the top
What about that lil' fan try to say that i had her baby
Ya baby i ain't even met her
So it ain't even a maybe
Plus her skin was caucasian
She tryin' to reach me daily
Ya groupie won't be a lady
She obviously tryna play me
It's obvious she was crazy
Only thing she can do
Is go find a stupid rich rapper
Thats out there that she can screw
And now she feelin' so stupid
In the shows what i said was true
If i plan to sleep with a white girl
I wouldn't go sleep with you
So i keep saying his name
And he say i say it in vain
And he say that the only time that i call
Is when it's some pain
Try to mess with my lil' sis
And i threw some salt in ya game
Cuz i knew you was old enough
To be one of our parents mayne
But a shame on you
You shame
You the only person to blame
When a 25 person gang
Try to jump me and take my chain
I was the only person not wet
By the punches thrown in the rain
And i couldn't hold any grudges
I said i forgive ya mayne
It was true that he had a temper
My father wasn't being gentle
At night i'd wake up to knocking
My mama tryna get in the window
Turn on the tv
Tryna act like i'm tryna play the nintendo
The house done burnt down forever
And no longer sentimental
They livin' and lovin' life
Until his girl had fell off that bike
And he happened to still survive
But the future don't look as bright
I admit that i got mad at ya
And wish that we both could fight
When i knock on them pearly gates
Just don't tell me to take a hike

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