Drop the repo car man and we equal
Your career will be dead by the next sequel
I'm a hitchcock the minute your chick got
The news that you was rich she hitched on to his cock
Koopa greet a angry boyfriend with his fist cocked
Back nigga you smacked for knock knockin in his spot
Rcih and rude believe me it's so true
Your pockets flat as eves face from a profile view
If the jerseys a throwback cause it's from 1952
Then I guess the car your ridin in is a throwback too
And if that's a throw back then I guess that I'm thoed forward
So gorgeous, no spoiler, both doors is
Missing door handles ain't ballin like your boy is
Oh lord it's you duckin in a ford taurus
No chorus ey I'm witcha brother
We both lookin kinda like a pen & pixel cover
Too many diamonds girl I'm too rich ta love ya
Ditch the chick I'm cheatin with to give her mistress's mother
I'm so gutter don't love her believe it it's no biggie
Mo money mo problems even with no biggie
Won't gimme my respect it's cool it's no biggie
Repo man with the gat I get back what ya want give me
No biggie, bad boy, nototrius and big
Was notorius and big and bad booy my crib
I don't know if your pockets is fat or not
But what your spending I could prolly spend a fatter knot
Mixtape god homie the mixtapes I drop
Got me a bigger tree congregation than a pastor got

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