Chamillitary Mayne
Mixtape Messiah August 27th
Put that on your calendar
It's Chamilliona-I mean Koopa
A.K.A. Major Pain, Cuz I'ma bring The Majors Pain
Mixtape Mass Of The Underground....Bang
They ask me where Texas at, and I say hold that thought, August 27th I'ma get to that
You need to die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain
I've been showing support to all the labels in my city and right now it's all about Chamilli

[Verse 1:]
When they see me do my magic they say "what the heck is Koopa on?"
Texas been too quite so the X-Men 'bout to produce a storm
Etither die a hero or the villain is what you become
Hop in in my Batmobile I ch-ch-churp the Koopa 'larm
Salad dressing cuz it's on plenty green and parmesian
In my pockets in my palm I'ma bout to drop a bomb
Thinking of making vegetatian I'm the mixtape farmer John
So much green inside my jeans it's like I've been out mowing lawns
I'm the real the rest is fake, I'm the best the rest is cake
Mixtape god I bless this tape and I put boys in they resting place
People always test the type an they don't never test the face
That's the day I'ma be on TMZ and the day I catch a case
Think that you can take my auto when them hollows not gon' follow
Better dream of bikini wearin "Genie Out The Bottle"
Some chicks that use to strip ask to wax the Maserato
I say forget the wax just make it quick just like Sorado
Got a spanish chick that loves the chip she the Dorito lady
She ready to Frito-Lay me "el gusto es mio baby"
I hear some sharks talkin like they gonna D.O.A. me
Go head jump in that water promise there's torpedos waiting
I dropped a lot of verses but I know I'm proud of mines
I see the presidents in front of me I'm Obama-tized
Rappers is politicians, they all be talking lies
Paparazzi like some Nazi pop your posse like some spies
I use to look around me like "it's proabably you that hate me"
Now I open up my wallet and it start illuminating
Do your damage do it talk your talk and mutilate me
Money talks, me and Ben always communicating
I know your probably thinkin why he talkin all that cash
I write my lyrics in the crib as big as Carlton's dad's
Was happy broke but super rich they be like boy he mad
Every problem I had last year my money brought me all of that
Push foreigns like a chauffeur, stomp all the cock-a-roacha
But back when I was broke-a I sold product like a broker
My next one drop it's over, point out somebody doper
I bet that supersoaker flip that joker like it's poker
Your boy ain't half of me, turn him to a casualty
Humble but I swear I'm not Barack Obama's pastor see
I be talkin trash yeah the mouth is a catastophy
Don't mistake the humbleness for weakness cuz that's blasphemy

I put on some Chamilli on on some Chamilli
I put on some Chamilli on on some Chamilli
I put on East Side
I put on Southside
I put on Westside
I put on Chamillitary Mayne!
I put on some Chamilli on on some Chamilli
I put on some Chamilli on on some Chamilli
I put on East Side
I put on Southside
I put on Westside
I put on Chamillitary Mayne!

[Verse 2:]
This weapon that stay attached to me is grazing your anatomy
This grey one will make you call a doctor call up "Grey's Anotomy"
I be pushin cars out the garage like it's a factory
Service with a smile serve a hatin rapper happily
Never miss a penny you can't count your doe exact as me
Push come to shove I'm picking up money just like a vaccum G
Always makin doe, got a bunch of Keiblers after me
Pro at being active like what Puffy use for Ac-a-ne
If you rep that Texas I knooow, that ya feel me
Wanna pop lock and dance then put oooon that "Get Silly"
Wanna dance 'til ya sweaty put oooon that P. Diddy
Tryna take the mixtape market put oooon that Chamilli, eh

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