[Chamillionaire speaking]
Rainin again
Big pimpin, big pimpin
Ima be in the car though

You know I'm sittin on
Sittin on chrome
Bangin screw I'm bout to get into my zone
You know I'm sittin on
Sittin on chrome
Got a lick I'm bout to hit callin my phone
You know I'm sittin on
Sittin on chrome
With a bad woman with a yellow tone
You know I'm sittin on
Sittin on chrome
Girl I know that you been waitin for too long

[Verse 1]
Met a lil chick her name was vicky
Later she met me she was tipsy
Just met me she said she missed me
She belly dancin like a gypsy
She lookin for love she hit me
Her and her friend from mississippi
She said that she loved tupac
She be jammin that and bangin ipsy
As soon as they play that UGK she bout to take it off
She can make you have wet dream before you make it to your house
If you think you'll keep it up
But she gon' make it make it soft
She aint really with all that talk
She'll make you get out like she the boss
You askin how much it cost
Them dollas rainin like its weatha'
But she said she did it for school
But she been workin here forever
She aint trippin bout a fella
She as addicted to the chedda'
They trickin and buyin sweaters
But the ben franklins treat her better


[Break - Chamillionaire singin soft]
Sit back in my seat and chill
You go do your thing girl and ima wait here
Go stack your paper up my dear
Bring it all to me
That's a pretty good deal

[Verse 2]
This view lookin spectacular
Whole club lookin so packed and uh
(yeah) sittin way up in the back of the
V.I.P tryin to get a lil action huh
When she walk by you tappin her
All up on her neck like dracula
She drivin around in a maxima
But I moved her up to an Acura
Well my Africa
Credit card
That's black homie
Not that only
Man I gotta keep my strap on me
Case saw my big face stacks lonely
Don't act foney, don't act foney
Herd through the hood you tryin to pull a jack on me
That aint somethin my gat told me when you called me up
Girl back for me

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