First of all let me alert you that theres been a change
in plans
Cause now I plan to put the streets into major trans
Told me I couldn't drive a real beef the way that I
had planned

I'm the one who couldn't work, don't disrespect my
achin hands
Feed the streets and feed the fans, you tryin to tell
me that's your stance?
Better not piss the majors off, you better go and make

Ever go against the ? Koopa you wont stand a chance
Soon as you think you ice cold you get hit with a
Jump up and down like a monkey, take banana make em
When you do they'll take your back if you aint down
with they demands

Throw a million in the jeans, tell ya that these they
favorite pants
You can put em on for grands and tell em 'keep your
fake advance'
First of all I wanna extend a very humble middle

To those that don't take me serious like I'm Jerry
I'm not a dreamer went from a schemer to ridin beamer
I open the bag, chips better be in it like it's

I'm not a diva I slept on the same floor as others
With no covers and split what I had with four
You don't love us, you handle us like aint no rubbers
Impregnated your pockets so my .44 wanna say-ay-ay
hello to ya

No 50-50, no young ro, and it's no rasaq then what do
you get
No more color changin clique and a bunch of fans that
aint forget
Some of yall was claimin I was the only one in the
game could spit
Now that everybody split, you on the dick you make me
I'm not here to babysit, I'm just here to make the

I'm just gonna make this quick for some ???
I know a couple people I can point the finger at
But everytime you point a finger it's three fingers
pointin back
The average Joe you see will be someone who actin
And it aint no ? you wont forever be my lady

No I aint lazy but sweat that I think I'm crazy
Remember every moment from every person that ever
tried to play me
Before you die your life will flash before your eyes
Well if thats true your life will flash before your
eyes now

Everyone is quite foul I get revenge you like "how?"
Eye for an eye a bullet burned below your eyebrow
I hear the drummer drummin he told me that death is

Death is comin for you tonight just like a freaky
Aint dimmin down my bright that's shinin now as I
write this
Might I remind you that being smart made me quite
Lifes a ? full of addiction with a cold body

Got complaints, but I am respectin her so highly
How could I let a clue so obvious flow by me
From the jump ? told me that he would be a NO-body
Maybe I'm rehashing my thoughts just to get a
They say that bad publicity's publicity that you want
Who wanna jump, ribbit with it I'm the one who

This crack cause I live it so you gon' get it just how
i give it
And you suckas at the top, we gon' talk in a minute
I'm posted up on the block, bout to get on my pivot
Was never in love with money I thought I was but it
all was lust

They cut the budget but it's ok, we shall adjust
No failure cause success is a must
When I clean up I won't ever forget to wipe down the
So dust your shoulders off and get your favorite
Get in the kitchen with me we gon' have a special

Everyone that don't know, tryin to tell me whats best
for me
Deep in the game you in the bleachers tryin to
So when they ask for a clue and whats next with me
Commandin control is #2 and the sneak attack will be
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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