Attention it's the general and I mean this is silly
Just listen clearly I know everyone who really hear me
Got off the label you can record deal me but can't kill me
And if they get mad about this verse they probably get to me

I get it done my middle name should be done and straight
Hustle outta Maybach is how I meditate
I'm the one who repped the city up in yellow tape
You buy commercials on radio to celebrate
The... wasn't something I could ever take
When you're this sick there's nothing you can medicate
I'm the one Texas rapper that'll get it straight
I say a nickname bet your label never takes

Super fast or super slow bang it down rewind this
New rapper get on and watch how everybody rhymes switch
Y'all fakin' cakin' you can miss me with the kindness
Y'all some puppets that I wasn't tryna ride the pawn with
Nah I don't ride dick when I turn it up real quick you better duck your head
Really none of y'all is better when it's touching bread
I have a mill and make a mill before I touch my bed
Can't get dropped, gon' get gwopped, don't get got
Don't flip flop, your chick hot, won't live lot
I don't got time, no tick tock

Remember DJs who tried to charge us to play our songs
We got Sirotto... and we made our own
Who think I'm lying, point out the person that say I'm wrong
I will abuse you like children hold up, no any long
Karma keeps eating my checks, I call 'em iChecks
Wait up I got my weight up and ain't touched the Pyrex
Wait up you got your weight up homie, nah uh not yet
T-Pain use autotune, what they do? Auto tune
Jay-Z performin' we just watch them copy all his moves
Monkey see monkey do
They say take each his own
If this who we gon' let get on then all of y'all can keep it grown

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