Who hotter than C, who not in the streets
I'm the landlord of it boy and you outta ya lease
gorilla for scrilla watch me swing out of the trees
these rappers can't see me and your not in fatigues
got a lotta haters but I know they all gon fit
I got a lotta rental space for haters on my dick
so have a sit, baby my cars are clean
I pull out blades everyday I feel like Wolverine
use listerine, because they say this green
if you ain't money you not my lover like Billy Jean
I use to play the side, I use to play the wing
I'm so T.I.ed today I'm feeling like I'm a king
I wake up waker when not a rapper can tie a ????
no disrespect if you on your hustle but I am higher
I'm the messiah, tired of being humble
In love with green do I'ma go get me a jungle
she said you think your god to call yourself messiah
but if I told ya I was weak than you call me a liar
each verse is fire, and you can call me sire
you find a rapper that can beat me promise I'll retire
so cold ad raw, that when I do my thang
you open the mixtape up and it gon smell like sushi mayne
Mixtape Messiah, get on the groupie train
it's taking off if you ain't on it better use a lane


boys steady talking down, boys steady talking down
snatch snatch snatch snatch snatching the underground
boys steady talking down, boys steady talking down
snatch snatch snatch snatch snatching the underground


ask me who best I'll probly say Cham is
ask me who next I'll probly say his man is (Famous!!!)
why you on the internet like a stan is
I'm gettin head & shoulders no dandruff
I crawl slow, ask Paul hoe
who the throwdest from my city shit yall know
a duece and 10 pennys
we taking not asking excuse not being friendly
I don't need a handshake I don't wanna hug
you's a coulda-woulda-shoulda I was gonna thug
I'm from where everybody probly want a plug
no tracks but the Tone running through my blood
my buzz spreading like rumors cuzz
the hoe ???? like tumors uhh
them boys play like ???
I'm in the league you got two years left like Juniors
It's going all the way down
from ATX to the D back to SAtown
I can't forget the H though
oh you see the bread, then let's break hoe
Duece Dime, who's climbing charts
like ima climb the charts the rhyme has start
understand my rhymes are art your rhymes are part
take em back and I don't care what your mind has thought
It's Chamillitary frontline goin for the touchdine
4th & some inches boy knowing that it's punt time
yeah the best what I happen to claim
and what happend at the Zone won't happen to Fame
I'm click clapping the thang, I'm attached to my chain
then we hit the AP my niggas passing the (?)
M-1 dawg I'm gunning the beats
now tell me yall who running the streets....ME!

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