Here I stand with my heart in my hand
Tryin so hard to understand
where it all went wrong with our love
It's funny how these changes come by
I can think back to a place in time
I could see forever in your eyes.
We pledged our love undying endlessly
we swore to God that together we'd always be
And I once watched you walk my way,
Now I'll just watch you walk away.

Walk away, baby walk away
To your dreams baby, walk away
Walk away, baby, walk away
Take these memories and just walk away.
Now I could beg and baby I could plead,
Cut my wrists and watch them bleed
I could fall down hard on my knees.
But love ain't love without reply
Like an echo that comes back empty in the night
It quickly fades away
And I could never keep you that way
So I'll just let you walk away.


Now don't look back and don't be sad
We gave it all and thats a fact.
Life is long baby, life is short
you gotta take time to find what
You're lookin for.


Take these memories and just walk away.

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