I was raised in a city with no heart,
Where theres no car,
Steppin' when it comes to be gettin' that dough fast,
Im a hustler, Im a, Im a hustler
Raised on the battle field,
Born as a sufferer,
Before i had a deal i was still stackin' deals,
Get punked sell food to the costomers,
Now I get love crews in the back o' the S Class,
Dem cant move like dat Y'na,
(I was raised in)
I come from where man were done for hardly nuthin'
You can see it in the blues that im hardly frontin'
Got kids with guns in the heart of London,
Bullet proof vests like half a hundred,
Theres no acters and actress' bearley around here,
This matches them straps of Manchesters,
Soon as you exit Stanstead you might see...

I was raised in the city when they was out Blazin a Philly,
I was on the 5 bus chasing the titties
At tha back of the class undoin bras wi a stiffy,
Tenisha, Testa, Lesly and Richie,
It's a cold cold world,
Ganstas livign ina Po Po World,
So I'm in a co co with a go go girl,
Escaping reality that 'I know so well
But when ya a kid ya don't know no betta,
Boy find trouble tryin' ta find that cheddar,
Money breeds envy
Might get set-up
My pockets get empty
Nigas get jealous
Killa now told them ??? ??? ???
I think you are stretching that ketchup from the south of da border
And all across the east has got round here
Gotta see it to believe it

Baby just because I'ma Londoner
Now I love London Town but Londons foul
Londons a merry go round a cycle of life full of ups n downs
Cos up till now we could of neva won
With the odds against us a million to one
See the witness messy a ligasliga a slum
Don't fight says Jordan now you really get a stiffy on

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