One sunny day I was riding my bike
And smokin' a joint cuz that's what I like
A police man stopped me and began to stare
And said "Hey Sonny whatchya smokin there?"

It's a reefer day you want some police man
It's a reefer day to blouse
It's a reefer day you want some police man
Or would you perfer me to shove it up your ass

Well he put me in the car and left my bike
Took my reefer which he quite liked
We got to the station and his eyes were all red
And the Sargent said "Constibal you're outta your head"
He said "YEAHHH"


Well he suspended the constible for his little joke
And when to the bath-a-room to have a little toke
When he got back and rolled another 8
They were being passed around
To every copper in theee place....

Well I sold him 2 oz and one 16
And they rolled the biggest joint..
That the world has everrr seeenn
-and they all sang together-

(thanks for the company and thanks for the grass)

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