Listen the voice of wisdon and wise,
open your eyes to hear all those lullabyes.
Those voices fall to me from the sky,
they`re haunting me, but i dont know why.

Advices, premonitions, a life in stain,
they say to show, his death was not in vain.
Follow your leader, Kurt, The Cobain,
pull the trigger and explode your brain.

Parts in the air, pieces on the wall,
voices on the box, clocks ashing them all.
The Tic goes with the time,
The Tac will come, and make you die.

A lack of necessity,
a dark of clarity.
A mustache on the mirror,
goes deper to the core.
The hole is there, the center of all,
Lullabyes show tthe way, the begin of your fall.

Sleep my baby, lay by my side,
let me show that i love you, turn of the lights.
Let i dive in you, discover you inside,
Nádia i love you, not a lullaby.