Only you can see and understand trough the mirror,
Injustice and selfish inquisition day after day!
In the theater from ilusion's world, dreams and deceptions.
We shouldn't be sorry!

We survive in the jungle with hate and tears!
Why dust and forget the past?
You can't end these roots!
You can't steal my creation!

Don't you understand the cause pride and ambition?
We win and lose every day!
These scars won't heal!
But the suffering make us grow.

We born every day with the red moon,
Our souls are masters in our lifes!
Let's turn to our art and culture...
Feel your soul and heart!

Kill your pride and live without systemphobia...
Because all are bleeding!

No sense inside the mind
I close my eyes to all envy

(Music by Choke, lyric by Otávio)

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