i never knew love was so nice,
i never kissed anyone twice,
i never wanted a beau;
poor me! i just didn't know.
you came along, i got a thrill;
one kiss from you, i feel it still.
now each time you look my way
you're gonna hear me say:

come on and do what you do!
it seems so new, what you do,
it thrills me through, what you do;
so do what you do some more!
you know i love what you do,
keep dreaming of what you do;
don't be above what you do,
but do what you do some more!

can't get enough of the kisses you throw me,
i need a big supply;
give me the kisses you owe me.
oh, me! oh, my!
do i adore what you do?
more and more, and more, and more what you do,
i'm crazy for what you do,
so do what you do some more!

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