I was waltzin' with my darlin' at the cattleman's ball
Lost in the music and her charms
I was glidin' around the dance floor she felt so good in my arms
When a tall dark stranger walked up and cut in
He said excuse me sir why don't you go have a seat
I said well listen' here partner this may sound kinda crude
But the lady is dancin' with me
Now I paid for the supper and I bought the drinks
So I feel that I've got the right
Now I'm sorry ole buddy but you just better back off
Or there's liable to be trouble here tonight
Now I can see that you're upset cause it's always been a tradition
To let a fine young gentleman cut in
But if you don't take your hands off my lady partner
I'm gonna have to break your chin
Now I've seen your kind before and I know exactly what's on your mind
Your woman probably left you for someone else
so you thought you'd just take a run at mine
Yeah you though you'd be leavin' her later on
That's right it's all part of the game
Why don't you take my advice and on go back to the bar
In one piece the same way you came in
The stranger took off and I saw him tryin' with someone else
And my lady well she scowled at me
And she said you know I think that was very uncouth
And goes against all the rules of chivalry
Then she smiled up at me with those beautiful eyes
And said Mister you know I kinda like your style
But do you think we should call up the sitter and check on the kids
I just grinned and said now let's just dance a while

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