I'm weary and tired I've done my day's ridin' nighttime is rolling my way
The sky's all on fire and the light's slowly fadin' peaceful and still ends the day
Out on the trail night birds are callin' singin' their wild melody
Down in the canyon cottonwood whispers a Song of Wyoming for me
[ fiddle ]
I've wandered around the town and the city tried to figure the how and the why
I've stopped all my schemin' I'm just driftin' and dreamin'
Watching the river roll by
And here comes that big ole prairie moon risin' shinin' down bright as can be
And up on the hill there's a coyote singin' a Song of Wyoming for me
[ guitar + fiddle ]
Well now it's whiskey and tobacco and bitter black coffee a lonesome old doggie am I
Waking up on the range Lord I feel like an angel free like I almost could fly
Drift like a cloud out over the badlands sing like a bird in the tree
The wind through the sage sounds like heaven singin' a Song of Wyoming for me
A Song of Wyoming for me

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