I was born and raised in the Red Clay Hills of Texas
In the land where the grass gets only beer can tall
That's where I learned to cuss and fight and chew Brown Mule Tobacco
Fix windmills fore I was five years old
I rode every head of stock from the Gulf to Kansas City
And running wild is all I've ever known
But this cowboy's got a weakness for Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons
And there's something bout 'em I can't leave alone
Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons make a cowboy swim a river
That before he jumps he knows is way too wide
And they'll make him throw a saddle on a bronc he's never seen
And one he knows he'll never break to ride
[ guitar ]
I met her at a rodeo in Douglas Arizona
I'd drawn the rankest horse a man could draw
Well I rode him tall and spurred him high and when I made the whistle
The crowd went wild but she was all I saw
That night we had a beer or two with friends of mine from Dallas
She smiled and said she loved the Texas drawl
And I felt like Roy Rogers did in all those cowboy movies
Cause I became the hero got the money girl and all
Tight Levis and Yellow Ribbons...
Yeah they'll make him throw a saddle...

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