Let me set it off cause it's going down
Now I said it, killing beats so producers look around for a medic
I'm the reason casey anthony go off without a sentence (I did it)
Plus I'm the reason snooki got pregnant
Hustle these others cause these fuckers are under my league
They just mad that everyone this summer is bumpin' to me
Jugular punch I'm just like the wwe
Pulling off the rubber and I'll come in your mother for free
Shout to the workaholics cause I'm a wizard
Drinking liquor till I got my fucking head in a pisser
Puking up my chicken dinner and a piece of my liver
And without brushing my teeth I'm making out with your sister, huh
Cause webby don't brawl or fight fair
That's why they're falling off like walter white's hair
Haunt your nightmares I'm givin them cold sweats
I'm at it again, now let the story progress!

See, webby in the booth then I'm at it again
All I need it's a fucking pad and a pen
I said I'm at it again
Everybody go ahead of your friends
And let the mutant ninja rapper begin
Said I'm at it again
Super villain coming back at the end
I'm on top now, I'm laughing at them
I said I'm at it again
I'm at it again, I'm at it again
I'm at it again, again, again

You see, I'm running for title
They running for class president
Burn every last remnant, up in the lab getting in
Pick up the pad, letter it, don't need no swag etiquette
Connecticut, get ready and never give my rap sedative
Foul mouth, mother fucker, better learn to deal with it
Banging tilla tequila, then blow a load on mila's tits
Pull up to your grandmother's house and I make her feel my dick
Milf hunter bitch, I'm as sick as they get
I'll be sipping on my bottle, in a room at the ritz
With a cougar and shit, holding up a doobie and piff
I don't need no blood test just to prove that I'm sick
I'm fucking loony see me howling at a lunar eclipse
Wolfman like del torro, body bigger than goro
Finish me? My combat styles are mortal
Always rolling deep, bitch better bring a snorkel
Hungry for the money, and I gotta have a fork-full

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