I'm the Hip-Hop antichrist, they'll regret it if they hand me mics
Jack The Ripper, huntin' bitches down by candle light
Changing the standard of nice, brandish a knife
I'm what's crackin' like I'm tightenin' ya hand in a vice
Huh! My flow nasty, get a Tampax
So many bars you would think I was flippin' Xanax
Fuck caterin' the bitches when I spit yo
Go and listen to Drizzy you dumb bimbo
This is real rappin' Webby flow it with a passion
Get these letters in my brain and cause a chemical reaction
Droppin' vowels and consonants, powerfully rockin' it
With enough force to level a continent
What I'm droppin' is the right way, I got em' guessin' what I might say
Go bananas like Johnny Drama and Andrew Dice Clay
Since the 9th grade Webby's been a psychopath
Headphones on in detention when I was writin' raps
Queue the lightnin' crash, queue the smoke machines
A factor you should fear, even Joe Rogan screams
Dopamine and adrenaline till' I'm hemorrhagin'
The fuckin' villain's back in this bitch, you better remember him

Say good night to the bad guy
No fuckin' around, don't got to ask why
I'll be here until they bury me and thats why
They know to run when they see me
I'm the motherfucka haunting your dreams
I'm the motherfuckin' bad guy
No fuckin' around, don't got to ask why
I'll be here until they bury me and thats why
They no to run when they see me
I'm they motherfucka haunting your dreams

You can catch me where the wild things be at
Hit em' so quick they can't react, even an Atheist would believe that
Fuck shootin' guns, I fire cannon balls
With the physical strength of a Neanderthal
Roar! I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Start by beatin' up the verses and I'll slam the chorus next
Got a standard for success and for me it's bein' the best
The games like a bench presser, let me get it off my chest
I'm a vet, but I ain't checkin' on the healthiness of any K-9s
I'm giving you the news bitch, NBC dateline
Hear me through the grapevine, murderin' tracks
Leave you layin' in the bed where they do surgeries at
I been the hottest dude under the sun
Beatin' me? You got a better chance fuckin' a nun
Fuck it I'm done, got my competition on the run
Won't be happy till' I'm number one, deadly with the tongue
Rap bandito doing' coke by the kilo
The mad super villain is back, Magneto
So bow down to me or get eaten like sushi
So fuck you and have a great day, Yours truly

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