Crazy world we live in man, now more so than ever
You know we're at a pivotal point in history
If shit keeps going the way it's going right now
Man, I don't even wanna think about it sometimes
But you have to, you always gotta be aware of what's going on around you
No one man or woman can change the world by themselves

I'm a hundred percent made in the USA and ain't nobody gonna change that
But how many people can we have our nuclear missiles aimed at
Before somebody steps up and aims back
That how they startin' to react all over the map
Got the weapons to attack for an oil contract
Average American's a travelin' man
Given a gun and boots send um to Iraq and Iran
US gettin' that oil money that is the plan
Against mother fuckers with bombs in that back of the van
Shit you gotta see it from a different side
The safety of America is livin' a lie
Your enemies don't give a fuck if they live it and die
Or bombs that can change the world in a blink of an eye
So I live for the day when I step in the ring
Because tomorrow is definitely not a definite thing

I'm not here to change the world, I'm just doin' what I do
A lot's going on right now I'm just tryna make it through (true)
And I'm not here to change the world, I'm just giving you a point of view
But, I'mma do my part but then it's up to you (do)

Yeah, while you at home worryin' about payin' the bills
Scientists workin' on some new ways to kill
Everybody need to light a fuckin' j and chill
Cuz if it stays this way, be afraid for real
I'm not sayin' everybody gotta be best friends
But it's to the point I can't watch CNN
While we should be goin' forward we all headed backwards
If it ain't a war it's a natural disaster
We took the world and we ripped it up
And now mother nature's pissed at us
And we fuckin' with a force that we can't control
And if we don't change somethin' we'll pay the toll
Generations before us said it's not my problem
Thanks a lot guys now it's on us
I'm just doin' what I ought to do
Because it's time to make a change and it starts with you (do)

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