Drinkin’, smokin’, poppin’, rollin’
Fuckin’ ‘till my condom’s broken
Stackin’ chips, and bangin’ chicks
We livin’ life so dangerous, now let’s go!

Chris Webby:
Uhh, yeah
Webby back and I told you what
Get up on the stage and I show his nuts
Microphone and my Kobra Klutch
What, Jack Frost on the beat cause I be too cold to touch
Hit ‘em with the rhythm that be dope as fuck
Baby girl hit your knees and open up
CT Vandal, and I never gave a shit don’t plan to
Cause I’m here to make a splash like Shamu
Damn you, ran through, any competition that I can do
Can you figure the flow and keep pace?
Joints rolled up to the face
Turn up the bass ‘till my windows break
Flow well done, let me raise the stakes
Since '88 I been a mother fuckin’ monster, man
Had headphones on in my sonogram
Came out so mean that the doctor ran
And had a full-ass diaper of contraband
God damn, I’m killin’ the flow that’s the plan
Fuckin’ every girl I can
Ball like Jordan; Space Jam
Pass me the rock and I’ll hit ‘em with a slam
D-d-done, bass line coming out the drum
Always stay drunk with a full-ass blunt
Money up front, chasing cheddar
Can’t stop me, bitch, I’m way too clever
Give me a beat, no one could lace it better
Spit so cold I could change the weather
Bitch I’ll be living this way forever
Wait ‘till the game get a taste of Webster

Chris Webby:
Uhh, yeah
Let me go ahead and do it like this now
Sit down, makin' a beat my bitch now
Hit it with that right hook; Chris Brown
Deck down you chick, around the hips
Lean back with a sticky ass pound of piff
This real hip-hop, no counterfeit
Put some drink in your cup; bounce with this
Get loud as shit; T-Rex roar
Put my tape in, and I eject yours
Bangin’ the fuck out of the girl next door
Too smart and I might just check my test scores
Rock with a flow and I rhyme the best
Always on the grind no time to rest
Your girlfriend asked me if I could sign her chest
Then I worked her out like a P90x
I just sign the check, and then I make them bills
Shit, and I don’t even got no deal
I know who I am, and I keeps it real
So damn fresh; haven’t cracked the seal
King of the hill; rep with the words
Proved I’m the mother fucking best in the burbs
Step to me then you bound to get served
No entrée dish or a full dessert
I just put in that work; 9 to 5
Jetpack flow; time to fly
No such thing as kind of high
Burn it down all day, that’s what I decide
Yeah, it’s CW
Hear me rollin’ in the whip when we comin’ through
We drinkin’; pop another pill or two
And I be loving my life, bitch, how about you?

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