Welcome to the greatest show
Greatest show on earth
You've never seen before
Let the fairytale unfold
What's behind the smoke and glass
Painted faces, everybody wears a mask
Are you selling them your soul
Will you be left out in the cold

Is it all blue skies
Fun and games until you fall
Then you're left without anyone at all
You're ridin' on a shooting star
With a smile upon your face
But soon the shine fades
And you're left out all alone
Wondering where did they all go

Been jaded, hated,
Who'll be around when the limelight's faded
Been shot down, pushed out
Made to smile when I wanted to frown
Always takin’ a bow
Always workin’ the crowd
Always makin’ the rounds
Always playin’ the clown
Who’ll be stickin’ it out
Who’ll be stayin’ around
When the lights go down

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