[Intro repeat twice]
This is a new sound
We came to get down
Our name is Chromeo
And we are in control

Have you ever felt this way?
Felt the need to get away
Well i have
When the world is out to get you
And your friends are all against you
And you're sad
So what do you say?

[Chorus repeat twice]
I wanna get away
From the problems of the world today
Me and my man on a plane
Fly away to a better place

I want to, I need to
Fly away when they are out to get you
You want it, you need it
Look inside and you will find that feeling
(Hey) My heart is made of stone
My soul is made of songs
My girl is on the phone
But i want to be left alone
(Hey) It's just this side of me
You think it's irony
I wish you tried to see
That I need someone to set me free


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