The first time our eyes met we made an oath
Can we keep that promise once again? (HoSuk)

Already so much has happened
You left me, you broke up with me
And a cold wind blows into my lonely single life

* Once love for the time your love
Through the remaining memories
Winter draws near and brings the same to me (TaeHyung)

# Now you too seem to be getting colder by the day
The bygone times of love go by
And the parting grows closer
You wished to stay with me always as one
That promise we made is still there
But only the love I protected in my heart remains (JongHyuk)

I want to hug you and smell your perfume
Please take me away and leave the parting behind us
As we part sadness comes nearer
Hold my hand and look into my eyes
We'll leave on a trip, just the two of us
But I can't get the reality to go away
Still you are the only thing I need (YunSok)

* Repeat

Hold me as the wind is warm
Soon we'll come to meet
If only love comes nothing more will change (HoSuk)

My heart already has you
I always want you more than I can have you
When you leave me I'm left with only winter (TaeHyung)

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