Nobody can talk to me
Nobody can understand me
None of my wishes come true
Anyhow I was born into this world
At least I'll only die once
Even if I can never meet you again,
I won't hold that against you

How am I suppose to tide it over?
One person shouldn't be expected to comprehend all the pain by themselves
Someday I won't end up crying, but outlast it all
In the long, thick textbook there I will learn the rules for outlasting the enemy No!

* Let me go (let me go) Let me know (let me know)
What will tomorrow be like?
Like this (like this) bumped against (bumped) till I feel this way
Tell me so (tell me so) Tell me so (tell me now)
Law is the winner in this rough world

With tears (with tears) which fall (which fall) I should learn alone
Here I go.

Listen to my reason for living
And again this reason is for healing and you
I can't get sadness or scars
But somehow pain has come into my heart

Maybe there is no one who can help me
No one to reach out their hands to me
Nothing for me to have
I was born alone in this world
At least in my life I can choose when I will die
A time that isn't inconvenient
Tomorrow the same sun will rise
Lately I've missed that feeling in my soul

In front of me lies heavy subjects and many tests
Let's live our lives according to the rules
In the place where we learn NO!

* Repeat

With a new, different me
Here I go, on the track of life
Let me know, why my way everyday?
So we will change, YOU & I

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