Look at me! I only had eyes for you
Even from the time when I didn't know you
You caught my heart
From the very first time, that initial look on your face
Everyday was full with you

Will you open you heart and let me in?
Let me watch over you and give you my love

If you would just be by my side now...
I am one person who you may always lean on
I will always wait for you, never changing
I will look after you, you are more precious than anyone
(I will care for you - 2nd chorus)

I promise to be with you through the good times and the bad
Believe me and let me give you my love

# Repeat

There's no need to wait, I am with you
You will be the breeze by my side
I want to give you all my love
I will care for you as the most precious thing in the world

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