Try to tell me, be honest
Don't try to hide your feelings from me
You already didn't tell me that being with me was painful for you
You couldn't tell me that you loved me as a friend
So I'm sorry that I made you cry
And that I won't be able to see you again
Tell me why it always seems so hard
And that you worry when you see me
I know that you were already more than just a friend
But I am sorry for making love so hard on you
You wouldn't show me that secretly you were crying

# Yes, if you want I'll be the first to leave
Still I know no one can make you do anything
But then I came to dislike you
But when I thought about it I realised this:
You are more than just a friend to me
Maybe someday I'll be able to see you again

# Repeat

You should be happy sometimes when you remember how I made you smile
How come you didn't realise that you would never regret loving me?
Now nothing has changed and I remain single
And love continues without me beside you

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