I'll promise you this, I wont forget the times we had
The times that we were together, which seems like a dream now
I worry that you will forget our appearances together
Today as usual, I start to think about each of
the things that happened when we were together
The memories that we cant turn back to..

**I was happy, during those days
I thank all the things that we felt together
till the end..
I'll keep it in my heart
Our meet and our meaning.

Our images that faced each other..
I think I'll be sad
So I try to erase each of the things
that happened when we were together.
But those precious memories, I cant erase..

*All the times we spent together are tangled in time
Even if I grow apart from my memories,
I'll still thank you, till the end
Im thankful for the the fact that I have a those memories.

Now both of us turned from the grievance
And we chose our own different ways
Till that day when we are back together again..
I'll wait..

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