Yesterday, I saw you in my dream
We were so happy..
So happy..
Sigh, I miss you..
I really loved you alot.

Even if you say that everything is my faut, its OK
At least you were in my embrace for a little while
I dont regret anything but when I turn back
I begin to sigh and I dont think I am able to breath

Remember the past days
I was in so much pain then..
I cant forget you..
I can only remember the mistakes you have made
I can't forget you you only other one for me

I dont know if its ok to say this right now
I know its going to sound like an excuse but..
Because I love you so much
Will you believe that I left for you?
Dont I seem like an idiot..
Forgive my love that seems so stupid..

*For you who always revealed myself
Forgive me for the days I wasnt with you
I hope you understand my heart right now
Your love is still by my side..

I know that its hard to understand me
I was also having a hard time after letting you go
Ha, but dont worry about me
Cause its only a bit of a deep sigh and
its only a little bit of tears.

You and me we had to go our different way
U & I U to be with you gather now

Forgive me for not reaching out to you
Its ok even if you are at a place
where I cant reach out to you
Look at me..

Leave my image
Im not that happy that I let you go
The reminiscence of us are slowly breaking down
You are making me be in pain
The numerous presents I got from you
And the conversations which ended until morning
I didnt leave because I didnt love you
My figure which couldnt protect you left.

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