When will you return to me
You didn't do anything to make it all end
The small fights we had made you leave
I blame myself

I came to hate you
You made me so weary
I didn't tell you about the pain you gave me
I believed you
You didn't understand my feelings

Give you my, give you love
Please forgive me, please give me another chance
Don't go away, I can't let go
I promise to love only you

I only gave you hardships
But I think I wanted to do things well for you
All that will change
I'll do it when I seem to be protecting you
I was pushed out of your view and forgotten until now
I'll show you now how much I love you

I want you, I need you
If you weren't here, who would love me?
You leave me, never say goodbye
Really, plese believe me

Looking from me like this
Day by day I get hungrier and hungrier for you
There's no other way
What did I do, to send you away?
These days I still love you

After a few days I notice that it is all too tough
I can't do anything
Please love me again

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