Her color is always so strong
It seems like she doesn't know sadness
Her smile is more graceful than a flower
She leaves an impression on everyone

*She makes everyone looks twice
Her eyes sparkle so bright..
It's a miracle that I'm her boyfriend
There's only one of her under the heavens
But there's no more of her, she's left me
Like the wind, like a dream, she's vanished

Her eyes are so clean and innocent
Always for me, but I hid my tears
There's only reasons to laugh when I'm with her
I don't expect anything more

I've always listened to her wishes
When life weighed her down

**I've been so stupid
Why didn't I know?
I probably needed a person to lean and cry on
But then I didn't know
That the smile she'd comfort me with
Was in fact her tears...

The time I've spent waiting for you
I've wanted to see you so badly
Our love is still left within me
Our separation is still there
All the tears I've made your cry
I'll hold you in my heart
Now hide the sadness and don't cry, lean on me
The warm love we've shared then
I'll make it so you forget the pain
I'll smile for you like you wanted me to

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