I wanted one person, I wanted you
You were the only one I wanted
So bring it to me and go go

I'm the one you're searching for~
Look at me, I'm waiting just for you~

When I waited for someone
Yes, you were the one I waited for
And I don't regret that decision one bit
My friends tried to persuade me that you were all wrong for me
But I shut out their words and guarded my love for you

#1. Tell me why why why, try to tell me
My love hasn't changed and is still waiting for you
#2. Tell me now now now, now speak to me
I'll use all of myself to protect you

Of course your love is good for me~
Look at me, I won't change till I die~

People have left you, wounded your feelings
Those people and me are different
I'm sorry, I hesitated
I won't try to explain it to you
So just give me a chance to love you

#2 repeat

And yet I stand here not knowing what to do
But I do know that I will make you happy

# 1,2 repeat

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