*1 The times I loved spending with you
were just like a movie, seemed like fate.
They were all lies, I'm going to erase them all.

Within the short amount of time I lived so far,
you were the most important thing,
that's how perfect you were.
Others would like you,
but I never felt a bit of jealousy.
Back then I didn't know everything was a lie.
When you left, you told me to consider you
as only a figure in my memory.

*2 Your words were always comforting,
like a friends, like a lovers.
That's all I have left of you,
I guess I was the only one in love.

Rap) This can't be true, I can't believe it.
You couldn't of given me all these lies,
not you, you were too true.
I can't take in that I followed you along like an idiot.
The love I had for you was strong,
I would've died for you.
No, I can't let you go this easily.

I knew I had mistaken your words,
you were probably just angry.
I called you to say let's start over,
and you answered coldly.
You showed a side I never encountered.

*1,2 Repeat

You've already erased my love,
now take what's left in me.

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