I didnt know what love was in the beginning
and suddenly the end came
I know what love finally is now
But did you have to leave?
You were having a hard time
Cause you couldnt forget that past person
I know that everything is my fault..
Is it too late?

*Come back to my side
I can start again
You just have to watch over me
You loved me..
Its too late now
But come back to me
With even the words "I love you"
I let you go..

Im slowly forgeting you.. (I can erase you from my heart)
Is that why its harder?
Its harder that I cant remember you
(Even if I swear at you everyday,
Everday, I am missing you)
The music that is becoming a flaw..
Cant you watch over me now?
In my heart which gave all its everything,
There is only separation left.

repeat *

Yes, you'll meet someone else someday
And...(You will love..And me..)
I'll love someone who will look like you
But just for now
Please dont love someone else just to erase me from your heart

repeat *

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