rap) Each day was lost by going out and wasting time.
I'm going to the same place again,
waiting for someone, looking at my watch.
Afterwards my loneliness wears me out.
One day I'm looking at a beautiful angel.
Two day she's very lovely.
I will send you a love letter filled with my heart,
from Click-B.

I'm falling in love, right into you eyes and beauty.
I've already fallen, I can't get out.
Believe my love, you won't cry any tears.
My special person, stay with me always.

The days that passed after meeting you,
were filled with thoughts of how I could surprise you.
How could I make you happy?
Oh! These wonderful thoughts are making me dizzy.

*I'll live in your eyes
I'll live in your heart.
You are always living in my heart.
Believe my love, you won't cry any tears.
My special person, stay with me always.

rap) Tomorrow, how will I look? What stories will I share?
What kind of event will I plan for you?
Nervousness that I rarely feel is coming towards me,
as the day is almost over

The first day I held your hand, I was led to other thoughts.
How will I hug you? Will you get mad?
Oh! My heart is shaking! Still I cannot stop.


Stay with me! Oh my girl!
Don't leave me! Oh my love!
You are always in my heart!
Please take me! Oh my girl!
Don't hate me! Oh my love!
I'm running towards you now,
I'm going to hold you tight.

rap) So far, all the things I've said and done
during our time together, is the truth.
If my parents knew about this,
they'd probably take my allowance away.
Still, trust in me, my one and only under the blue sky.
Can there be anything more important than have you?
To me there isn't, I love you.
Please stay with me.

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