Rap) I only wanted one person,
that person was you.
It has to be you, now come to me go go~

You're searching for someone else.
Look at me, I've been waiting for you.
Whenever you went to meet another guy,
I was never angry towards you.
My friends would talk behind your back,
but I covered my ears and kept loving you.

Tell me why why why
Come on, just tell me.
I'm only waiting for you, my love.

Tel me now now now
Turn around, look into my eyes.
Each day, I'm going to spend it for you.

I will never let go of my love.
Look at me. Even if I die, my love won't.

I'm different from the people that hurt and left you.
I'm sorry I'm being hasty.
You don't need to explain yourself,
just give me a chance to love you.

*2 Repeat

Even though I have no great accomplishments,
or things to boast about,
I'm sure I can make you happy.

* 1, 2 Repeat

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