Its hard for me to forget how easily we parted
I can't seem to exist without you
You are probably smiling with someone else and not with me..
I seem to be going mad imagining that

Where are you now? How far away are you?
Is it really true that you won't come back to me?

I was seriously angry
And I couldn't seem to forget how I felt that day

So this is how I am each day without you
What am I supposed to do without you?
Are you also struggling to forget about me too?
It's not too late to come back to me

When its tough then come back
When you are struggling like I am
Then don't hesitate for one a moment
It's okay if you're a little late
Whenever you are wandering aimlessly
I will always be behind you

How can I smile at the memories of you?
I know we argued many times
The memories of the wrongs I did still remain
I simply can't exist without you

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