When I see that small doll hanging on the wall
I think of you and I stop short
The sad empty seat that I am on
I want to let you go without any grievance

The person who is having a harder time is me
Why am I still worrying about you?

**When I wont be able to go to you anymore
When not even the littlest stupidity is left
When the tears were always so cold..
When will the day come when I will forget you?

You gave me a small keychain
You locked away my heart
But only you can open it
You know better than anyone else

Each day inside your memory
You grow more and more distant
The long grievance and the long nights
They wont bother me any longer

**Im such an idiot
Your tears catch in my heart
My footsteps still cant leave yours

Lean on my chest
The beating heart is yours

The love for you
The endless love
Come back to me

repeat *
repeat **

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