The night and the alcohol have faded away
I lie down and listen to the radio
I can hear the movie of us together
There are thousands of times like this, ah, ah
I am not here and only you are there
Now there is pain everywhere

I did well with you, and our parting has left me as cold as ice
You may hate me, but please forgive me
Yes, I resent the bad things I did
As much as I curse it, my heart still hurts
I'm so sorry

I've been in such pain since you left me
I have forgotten how to try to meet other women
My strong pride has been damaged too
Inside me is such pain

*I'm sorry. I won't cry again. I will be by your side
My heart like this is much too immature
I love you. I know how much you give me
Give me just one chance
I will protect you. We will not seperate

Sadly I saw your beauty
I was happy when I saw your smiles and I hungered for more
I hate all the ditant memories of you and me
Still, this star is not an actual feeling or quality
Yes, it is like smoke that carries an enduring sadness
I remain alone in these memories
I push away this sadness and those painful memories

I believe it will return and be okay
I know there is no hate, and you know it too

We will never change
Even as time passes, we will not split up
It is hard to think of why we would break up
I won't be able to understand it

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