Vicky, hi, it's, er, Geff calling. It's Tuesday; it's one o'clock; I've got a horrible cold. Er... regarding your remix... we haven't done it! Peter had to go away: he's been away for four weeks. He was halfway through it when he left. So the options are, go ahead and do it without us, or you could wait: he's back on this coming Monday, and we could do it by the end of that week, if... if possible... 'cause I know we - you know, we really wanna do it.
If you can't wait, then we could do one anyway, and you could release it on a single with us or something. Why don't we do a split single or something? Er... well, that's a good idea anyway, but... we would like to be on, but we don't wanna mess your plans up... er... so, you have these choices.

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