Held high to bring the sun, that burns in the sky
That burns in his eyes, and pierces a hole
Like a negative sun, soleil noir
Le soleil noir, all the time
That you have to burn in order to shine

Smear me with - with blood, love-blood
Till the sun rises red
Till, till the sun rises higher, and higher
Becomes a baptism, a baptism of fire
And I'm caught between bright teeth, bright, bright teeth of morning
I am dog
I tell myself, I am dog, I have no name
I am hungry
I am hungry and I want to eat
I want to eat the hand that feeds me
The hand that feeds me
And I know these things
I know the stupid should struggle
The stupid should struggle
And, and with us they will
And, and for us, for us they will
And, and they will be gored to death
Gored to death on the horns of plenty
And, and smear me with blood
I am dog
Smear me with blood, blood
Until the, till the sun rises red
Till the sunrise is known all the time
You have to burn
You have to burn in order to shine
In order, in order to shine

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