Roman land
Of Roman sands
And Roman sons.
As I watch the sun
sink down
On the bloodred edge
Of the bloodred town
There are shadows
for sale
On the edge of town
At the edge of the night
Is a darkness seen
From the side
of the light
(From the side
of the night).
And the winds
blow round
this sleeping town
This sleeping town
This Roman land
Of Roman sands
And Roman sons.
And it seems to me
That when I
close my eyes
All the lights in the world
Go out
And the night
passes by
And you whisper to me
A thousand lies
I stare in surprise
Towards the desert's
warm black
And the desert stirs
And the desert stares
With a thousand eyes
Piercing eyes
Ancient eyes
And I ask my lover
"Do you know
Where the desert roses
bloom and grow?"

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