The river gone, so why go on?
And the sun dissolves like [an August? a mongoose?!]
No [offence?] to the hummingbirds
No reward from the sun
Hornet, wasp, or hover-firefly
Even the birds have their lullaby
All hummingbirds must die
Do you believe in debts?
Are you ??? some [ghosts? guests?]?
I want to [believe?]
It's a certainty of animals
I want to go among the [birds?]
I will smoke across an ocean, a lagoon of fish
For fly with suicide's-eye birds
I'm so tired of the [seasons?] and the breeze and the river
??? wasps [pollinating sores? pollen and mutating exhaust?]
And their altered states of [merriment?]
Want to go under ???
I want you and I need you but I can't find you
I'm allergic to disease
And Christ on a bike with carpet burns keeps falling to his knees
And when I reach the station in the heaven of glass
I'll say a little prayer for you
Then I'll cut off the heads of the birds that fly
All hummingbirds must die
All hummingbirds must die
There is no wrong, so why go on?
There is no wrong, so we go on

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