Peter, a friend of mine's just committed suicide. He was a great friend of mine, and it's... I've come back, and I heard that, and it's shocked me a bit; and I wanna tell you because, um, not that you know him - that's not the point. And he planned it out; he had a... he left his boyfriend... I mean, um, he left notes... and things. But he... he threw himself off a cliff, Peter, and... I just wondered what you think that feeling is like.
What happens, what goes through your head, between throwing yourself off, and actually dying? I wondered what you thought of it. Perhaps you could call me and tell me because it would help me, because I have a terrible fear of heights, and for me, just the idea of falling, so far, and being alive... And I just wondered if things go through your head - you know, people that you love, and that, or things that you feel that you should've done - flash before you, but you can't do anything about it. I just wondered what you thought.
You're probably the only person that I can call right now. And... I'd like to see you, because I think, in a funny way we're doing that... we're just... don't really connect. One day, you know, you're gonna fall, or I'm gonna fall, or something's gonna happen; and... anyway. Well, I'm very sad. You know my number. Hope you're both well. Lots of love. Bye.

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