Mmmm, i'm back for the payback, black.
Ready to attack, so to your jaw i start to mack.
Its the mutherfucking compton psycho.
So suckers who be sounding so wack, don't try to bite, yo.
You'll play the bitch and i'll play the pimp.
Then i'll be pimping your ass to make money real fast.
Cause to the homies you just don't hit.
Can't get juice with that doo-wap pop shit.
Geah nigga, i just won't quit.
My rap is bomb ass chronic, 10 dollars a hit.
Try to diss fool and i'll shut you down.
Put on a big nose fool cause its time to clown.
So now i gots to break my mutherfucking foot off
In your ass because you came back too soft.
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Well this trick is new, its the duck sick 2.

Now watch me fuck up your program.
And you'll be saying 'damn i lost my luck.'
Now your ass is stuck, mutherfucker.
By the compton gangsta of rap. raised in the hood.
Always up to no good.
I need to peel a cap, so i kill some
Poor unfortunate fool with the nine gun.
You come fake, fuck with eiht, you gots no clout.
Keep talking shit as i buss your fucking mouth.
Now fool what kinda move was that?
I see your quick to talk shit, yeah boy i'm quick to pull the gatt.
Claiming my city, oh what a pity.
And the way you shout out just sounds shitty.
So nigga, slow your mutherfucking roll.
Fuck you with a pole, with the rhymes you stole.
So gather up your homies, him him and him and you.
Geah, its the duck sick 2.

I dont beleive it, another mutherfucker
On the rap shelf done fucked hisself.
Just squeezed in like a bitch.
I guess thats why he raps with a high pitch.
I just can't figure,
How the punk ever think he could fuck this nigga.
Your short, shorter than short, sorry punk.
Still blast that ass when the ides got me drunk.
Just keep getting it, dont stop sucking
Too soon punk or eiht'll start fucking.
Your weak old shit that wont last.
You won't hang as i slap your bitch ass.
So get ready, cause its your mutherfucking calling.
You and your wack ass crews 'll start falling.
Geah drop your knees, because we ain't through.
Get a grip, do it quick, the mutherfucking duck sick 2.

We outta here.

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