I guess i'll start by saying the bitch aint worth a penny
And when it comes to fucking, geah, she fucks plenty
Known around the hood cause she's got much clout
In a circle to the homies like a damn bus route
Geah, in the back seat somebody's finger fucking
Just like a chicken on my dick she's plucking
Oh geah, a chicken head bitch is what you call her
Fucking everybody from clucks to ballers
I know you seen her coming from the 10 dollar motel
2 hours is what you get to make this bitch yell
Holler and scream, climb the walls
Open your mouth bitch here comes the balls
And don't fake hoe, because i'm ready to rock ya
Killing that twat off just like my man shocker
Hoe is hotter than salsa, but leave that
Drama nigga you can toss her, cause she's a hoodrat

She's sneakier than a fucking devil
Just like bushwick said, geah she's on the other level
Some st. ides brew and the bud you can work this
Turning tricks like a clown in a circus
And don't get sprung, your little dick
24-7 everybody sticks, geah
Thats the way it is, thats how it goes
Sucking up nuts like water from a garden hose
So boys strap the jimme when its hard
Cause the juices might be charged
And geah, she got the shit that kills
And you'll be pulling out an electric eel
Fucking everyday, just to get her propers
You might get hooked but she wont stop the
Sucking and fucking and geah its just like that
Dirty as hell, damn, another hoodrat

Now the shit done hit the fan because the bitch is plump
And she don't know cause she was fucking like 20 chumps
And thats a damn shame. dont know his last name
Might come out freddy krueger cause they all ran a fucking train
But, fuck no, she's not a tease
Even when she's pregnant the rat likes to skeez
So here's the dick hit it please
Nibble on my stick like cheese
After fucking everyone, look at what the hoe done
Got dick whipped and now the bitch is sprung
But a little game and you'll still get the tramp
Giving up her county checks and the food stamps
So watch out your shit if you hear the claps
Cause the claps is so horny for the traps
So i guess if that bitch is a hoodrat
She won't get eiht by his mutherfucking hood cat, geah

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