Early in the morning she'll be leaving
To visit with her mother for a spell
But I know that really ain't the reason
Cause I know what she's doing all too well

She says she don't know how long she's staying
Since she ain't seen her mother for so long
What she really means but isn't saying
Is she means to get the feel of being gone

She would never up and leave me
Unless she knew that it was really best
But she ain't got no way knowing
Till she puts me and leaving to the test

She's just got to know for certain
What it's like to live away from me
But I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose her
When she gets the taste of being free

I know that I'd be wrong to try and stop her
There's nothing I can do but play along
And get used to the feel of being lonesome
In case she likes the feel of being gone

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