She woke up this morning and fixed him his breakfast
Just like she's done for so long
She knows when she leaves with the kids for the bus stop
When she gets back he'll be gone
She thinks about last night when he turned out the nightlite
How he didn't hold her again
She's a warm lovin' woman feeling unwanted
And she's taken about as much as she can

She's over thirty and under love
And she's gettin' hungry for the right kind of touch
And if he don't want her you know somebody will
She's just over thirty but not over the hill

She still remembers the way that he held her
Just a few short years ago
And she don't understand why he's turning colder
While she's still feeling the glow
Then she starts to wonder if she were younger
How would he treat her tonight
Cause she's still all woman and if he don't want her
She might just take any love she can find

She's over thirty and under love...

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