There's an island out in the sea
Just a waitin' for the guys like me
Oh on this island is a crazy school
And there's where i learned the golden rule.

Twenty-one fellas and one little girl
She looks like just an angel with a platinum curle
Ooh, wee oh, me, oh my
I guess that's why they called her platinum high.

I saw her walkin' just a platinum high
Nearly lost my mind when she walked by
Oh i never met a gal looked like this before
That's why i found myself a knockin' on her door.

I said what you're doin' home on a night like this
Come on my pretty baby give your daddy a kiss
Ooh, wee oh, me, oh my
Kiss my baby on a platinum high.

Asked my cutie if she'd like to go
To the house at party or a movie show
She said big daddy i don't care what we'd do
It doesn't matter just as long as i'm with you.

I stepped into her room and i closed the door
Sat on a tv set and i turned the lights down low
Ooh, wee oh, me, oh my
Just me and my baby on a platinum high.

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